Richmond Hill Rapist Gets 7 Years

By Forum Staff

A Pennsylvania man who aided a woman in finding a place to live in 2015, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for forcible rape which took place in the basement apartment he helped her locate in Richmond Hill

“The victim met the defendant in a Queens temple and trusted him when he offered to assist her in finding a place to live,” said District Attorney Melinda Katz. “This defendant, however, was a predator who waited for an opportunity to victimize this woman. In the victim’s new home, the defendant forced himself on her and then later apologized for the attack telling her he would ‘never do it again without permission.’” Ashok Singh, 59, of West Milton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania was found guilty of rape in the first and third degree and unlawful imprisonment in the second degree

Queens Supreme Court Justice Gia L. Morris sentenced Singh to a determinate sentence of 7 years in prison to be followed by 5 years’ post release supervision and required him to register as a sex offender

According to trial testimony, the victim, a 40-year- old woman, visited a temple to look for rental  postings on the bulletin board. At this place of worship, she met Singh. The pair talked and the defendant offered to help her find a place to live

They exchanged phone numbers and 4 days later, the defendant called her with news that he’d found an apartment and that she needed to move in right away

The defendant helped the then-40-year-old woman move into the unit and afterwards, he went grocery shopping for food and wine and returned to the Richmond Hill apartment

When the victim turned down the wine Singh became enraged. He threw her on the bed and forcibly raped her. When Singh fell asleep, she ran out of the apartment, contacted a friend for help and the police were called

Later, at an area hospital where the victim was being treated, Singh called her and left a voicemail message on her cell phone. He said in sum and substance that he was sorry and that he would never do it again without her permission

Evidence was submitted at trial showing that Singh’s DNA was a match to vaginal swabs taken from the victim during a sexual assault evidence collection exam.


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