Marching to the Beat of our own Drum

Marching to the Beat of our own Drum

Surprisingly, we had a couple of inquiries last week about why we seem to be beating the facemask issue like a drum.

Sticking with the drum analogy, some people simply need things “beaten” into their head.

While we realize there has been much controversy and confusion on the issue, the consensus is we need them.

While man does not live by mask alone, adding social distancing and hand washing certainly rounds out a nice trio.

All those things having been said over and over and over and over; let’s focus on getting a complete picture of what’s behind the mask.

Knowing the types of masks available and which best suit your needs is a good place to start.

Medical masks also known as surgical masks can protect people wearing the mask from getting infected, as well as can prevent those who have symptoms from spreading them. Medical masks are used by , health workers, anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, even mild symptoms, caregivers for COVID patients

Medical masks are also recommended for at-risk people, in areas of widespread transmission and where requirements for proper social distancing is not met, including all those 60 and over and those with underlying health conditions.

Non-medical, fabric masks should be worn by people who have no COVID-19 symptoms where the virus is widespread and again physical distancing can’t be maintained. People in close contact with others like social workers, cashiers and servers should all be wearing these.

People using public transportation of any kind including taxi sharing and those in busy areas like grocery stores, workplaces, and any other crowded environment

Wash your fabric mask and have some extras. Purchase whatever type of mask is suitable for your needs while plentiful in case supplies dwindle in the face of a surge in cases.

This week, we visited several local businesses and were distressed to see that some patrons were not wearing masks, despite posted warnings that customers get No Service with No Mask. They should not have walked in and they should not be allowed to stay.

Of course it’s great to be enjoying what we haven’t done in months but if that is to keep on and the privileges of our past life are to be somewhat restored we’d better adjust to a seemingly foreign concept—give and take.

If you’re of the thought that we’re obsessed with this topic unnecessarily, it’s OK, we’ll just keeping marching to the beat of this drum, until you figure it out.


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