Ulrich Beautification Initiative Targets Areas around Addabbo Bridge

Ulrich Beautification Initiative Targets Areas around Addabbo Bridge

By Forum Staff

City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) recently spearheaded a major a clean-up effort in Howard Beach and Broad Channel.

UlrichCleanupInitiative4Through the transitional work program Wildcat Service Corporation, the initiative, which wrapped up last week, targeted trash-ridden areas along, underneath and adjacent to the Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge.

UlrichCleanupInitiative3“Our office has received several complaints about trash and debris along and adjacent to the Addabbo Bridge. I am pleased to share that we have enlisted the help of the Wildcat Service Corporation for a much-needed clean-up effort of the area. The Addabbo Bridge serves as the gateway to both Howard Beach and Broad Channel, so it is important this area remains clean,” Ulrich said.

UlrichCleanupInitiative1“The Broad Channel Civic Association and the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers commend Councilman Ulrich for addressing this environmental disaster. The debris along the Addabbo Bridge walkway, as well as in the area underneath the bridge, has been the largest single source point for pollution entering Jamaica Bay,” added Dan Mundy, president of the BCCA and vice president of the Ecowatchers. “Once in the bay, this trash would have a very harmful effect on the animals and marine life, in addition this area had become so overcome with debris that pedestrians and bicyclists could barely navigate past it. A big thank you to the Wildcat team and their workers who did an outstanding job; and to Councilman Ulrich for his efforts to bring this great organization in to clean-up this area.”

UlrichCleanupInitiative2Photos Courtesy of Wildcat Service Corporation



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