Civic ‘Superhero’  is PS 207 Mom

Civic ‘Superhero’ is PS 207 Mom

On #SuperheroSaturday, the Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic took to Facebook to spotlight the efforts of Alison Jasiak of the PS 207 community:

“Alison Jasiak (c.) has been a member of the PTA of PS 207 for the past 10 years. Once her son Gregory became a student at the school she immediately became involved in all fundraising activities. She brought a very successful book sale to the school and worked tirelessly coming up with new and fun ideas for the students and staff. For the past five years she has served as the PTA co-president and president and as a member of the school Leadership Team, volunteering countless hours both in the school and at home to make the PTA fundraising campaigns a success and most importantly making the school feel like a family. Alison had continued on as PTA president even though her son Gregory had graduated last June during the COVID pandemic. She continued to push fun, virtual activities through the PTA Facebook page. Alison is the epitome of a leader who is LOVED.

“Thank you Alison for your years of dedication!” civic leaders posted.

Photo Courtesy
of Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic



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