Cuomo Gotta Go: Richards

Cuomo Gotta Go: Richards

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards on Saturday issued a joint statement with Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer in response to allegations surrounding Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“New York needs a leader at this critical time during our State’s history—a leader with integrity and a leader in which all New Yorkers have confidence,” they wrote. “While we support the ongoing investigations, we believe that the experiences recounted by the now seven women who have come forward warrant a call for the governor’s resignation.  We cannot condone this behavior and don’t believe that government can work effectively amid, nor should it try to work around, such a serious situation.
“All survivors need our support and deserve justice, and the people of Queens and Manhattan support them every step of the way,” Richards and Brewer concluded. “Gov. Cuomo must resign and be held accountable as he has due process and the independent investigation due to his behavior continues. New Yorkers deserve better.”

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Coughlin/Office of the Governor



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