Parts of Queens Once Again Deluged by Biblical Rainfall

Parts of Queens Once Again Deluged by Biblical Rainfall

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Downs

The BQE is hit hard by flooding over the weekend.

By Michael V. Cusenza

The epic rainfall and flooding last weekend left many borough homeowners with visions of 2021’s Hurricane Ida ebbing and flowing in their heads.

Howard Beach alone saw 5.30 inches of rain last weekend. John F. Kennedy International Airport got 3.50 inches of rain, while its LaGuardia counterpart received nearly 6 inches of rain across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Central Park recorded more than a month’s worth of rain since last Friday night, with 5.20 inches of water falling in 72 hours, according to the National Weather Service.

Photo Courtesy of Councilwoman Sandra Ung Flushing is deluged as well.

Photo Courtesy of Councilwoman Sandra Ung
Flushing is deluged as well.

The rain flooded many thoroughfares and basements and brought down trees across The World’s Borough. A Sunday evening downpour seemed to deliver the final blow to weary borough residents, flooding the Long Island Expressway in Fresh Meadows where both directions were shut down for a time, according to a News 4 New York report.

“The heavy downpours this weekend caused widespread flooding across Queens and this included areas in my congressional district. It is unacceptable that local residents have to continue to endure this problem. While we did not see the extensive damage that our borough sustained from Hurricane Ida, it’s just a matter of time until we face such devastation again, especially as we deal with the impacts of climate change,” U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-Flushing) said on Monday.

“In late 2021, I helped pass the federal infrastructure bill into law. New York received billions of dollars, and ever since the measure was enacted, I have constantly urged the city and state to direct a portion of this funding toward combating the flooding that our communities experience. Today, I once again renew my call for this money to be allocated, particularly for upgrading our sewers and catch basins.

“As I’ve previously said, Queens residents cannot continue rebuilding from one disaster to the next, only to wonder how much rain may fall. We need swift action to help save lives and prevent future damage.”


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