Mayor Lauds Passage of Legislative Priorities

Mayor Lauds Passage of Legislative Priorities

By Forum Staff

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday took a political victory lap of sorts.

Hizzoner took the opportunity to applaud the passage of several key pieces of legislation that his administration prioritized in the State legislative session, including bills to make the city’s streets safer, improve micromobility, protect children from addictive social media feeds, and make it easier to build public infrastructure. These wins build off achievements through the State budget earlier this year on the administration’s core priorities, including growing New York City’s affordable housing supply and protecting tenants, providing municipalities with the enforcement tools to shut down illegal smoke and cannabis shops, expanding mayoral accountability in New York City public schools, and allocating $2.4 billion to support with the migrant crisis.

The Adams administration highlighted what it has deemed victories from the 2023-2024 legislative session:

  • Reauthorizing and Expanding the Red-Light Camera Program (S.2812/A.5259): To reauthorize and expand the city’s red-light camera program for three years and from 150 cameras to 600 citywide.
  • Alternative Delivery (S.9849/A.10543): To authorize the use of certain alternative project delivery methods for the New York City public works investment act to provide more flexibility in building public infrastructure.
  • Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation for Kids (SAFE) Act (S.7694-A/A.8148-A): Prohibits the delivery of addictive feeds to minors under 18 by addictive social media platform without parental consent, and prohibits social media platforms from withholding non-addictive feed products or services when that consent is not obtained.
  • Removing the Requirement for Minimum Wage Floor for Childcare (S.4924/A.1303): Prohibits requiring parents or caretakers to earn a minimum wage to be eligible for childcare assistance.
  • E-Mobility/E-Bicycle Battery Safety: In 2023, Adams announced an electric micromobility action plan to protect New Yorkers from fires caused by lithium-ion batteries and promote safe electric micromobility usage. The following bills related to micromobility were passed: Moped and Motorcycle Registration (S.7703-B/A.8450-B): Requires limited use motorcycles be registered at the point of sale; Rebate and Trade-In (S.6809-B/A.6811-C): Provide rebates or new lithium-ion batteries for powered mobility devices at reduced cost or no cost to certain individuals; Certification (S.154-F/A.4938-D): Prohibits the sale of lithium-ion batteries used in micromobility devices, bicycles with electric assist, or limited use motorcycles unless such batteries are manufactured in accordance with certain standards and specifications.
  • Public Hearing Threshold (S.7383-A/A.8864-A): Amends contract public hearing requirements to instead mandate the completion of a “public notice” submitted electronically through the city record online.
  • FDNY Blood Transfusion (S.6226-A/ A.5789-A): Provides for availability of ambulance services and advanced life support for first response service to store and distribute blood and initiate and administer blood transfusions.
  • Veterans Tuition Assistance Program (S.8596-A/ A.9205-A): Expands eligibility under the veteran’s tuition awards program to all New York resident veterans, regardless of combat service.
  • Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) and Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Data Reconciliation Clean Up (S.9785/A.10411): Relates to assessments for certain real property tax exemptions to include years where there is sufficient data to determine an applicant’s eligibility for exemptions.

“Through collaboration with our State partners, today, we once again celebrate another day of fulfilling our mission to improve public safety, rebuild our economy, and make our city more livable for working-class New Yorkers,” Adams added.


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