Thanks Pia

We’d like to take this opportunity to first say CONGRATULATIONS to Pia Toscano for her success on American Idol.

Last Thursday night, nearly 300 people gathered at the “Countdown to the Top — Pia Feva” Party at Roma View in Howard Beach. They had come to party and celebrate but left in shock, unwilling and unable to understand how their beloved Pia had just been cast out by the Idol voters.

It’s safe to say no one in that room thought the night would end the way it did. Even the judges on the show were baffled by the results; Pia was a classic “hands-on” favorite, already a “hometown idol”, at the top of the list on Google, Twitter and Facebook—it just didn’t go as expected.

What should remain abundantly clear is that despite the blow both Pia her supporters were dealt, everyone came out a winner.

Pia, we are quite sure, is on her way to great success. And as for the hopeful hometown of Howard Beach, kudos goes to the organizers of Pia Feva who took the celebration in another direction, using it as a conduit to raise money for two local charities. Proceeds from the events raised almost $10,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society’s Howard Beach Relay for Life.

Thanks to Pia for giving us all such an exciting ride and for inspiring the type of community spirit that is certainly no stranger to these parts of town.

**Watch The Forum for details on any upcoming events for Pia.


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