Detective Weber Honored at Retirement Ceremony: Served the 104th Precinct for Over Two Decades

Detective Weber Honored at Retirement Ceremony: Served the 104th Precinct for Over Two Decades

Detective Kevin Weber is presented with a certificate of appreciation by Ann Maggio, president of Citizens for a Better Ridgewood. “We’re certainly all going to miss you,” Maggio said.

Detective Kevin Weber, community affairs officer for the 104th Precinct, will be able to spend a lot more time at home. And while he’s there, he can reminisce about the impact he’s made by looking at the numerous awards and citations he received at his retirement ceremony at Maspeth Town Hall last Thursday.

Weber joined the 104th Precinct 26 years ago as a beat cop, walking the streets of Ridgewood. He immediately began building relationships within the community and showed his dedication and commitment to the precinct.

Vincent Arcuri, chair of Community Board 5, recalled that the streets of Ridgewood, particularly along Otto Road, were not the safest area in the city. He credited Weber and the 104th Precinct with slowly cleaning up Ridgewood of its drug and crime problem.

For the last several years, Weber worked as the precinct’s community affairs officer, where he continued building relationships within the community.

The community appreciated it. Several local groups presented Weber awards for his service including Community Board 5, the Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District, Citizens for a Better Ridgewood and the Glendale Civic Association.

“We could always count on you to address the concerns of our business community,” said Ted Renz, executive director of the Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District as he presented Weber an award for outstanding community service.

Local politicians also showed their support.

Councilwoman Diana Reyna said the 104th Precinct is renowned for community involvement because of officers like Weber. Reyna presented Weber a City Council citation, which was also signed by Council Members Elizabeth Crowley, Karen Koslowitz and Jimmy Van Bramer.

State Senator Joe Addabbo and State Assembly Members Mike Miller, Marge Markey and Catherine Nolan also expressed their thanks and appreciation for Weber’s hard work.

Officer Thomas Bell, Weber’s partner in community affairs, said Weber was one of the most professional police officers he had ever worked with. Bell said he would try not to pester Weber with calls for advice once he retires.

“For once, I’m pretty tongue-tied,” an emotional Weber said.

He said after he joined the NYPD, he began to understand what makes a good cop. “I realized it was all about the people: The people in the precinct; the people who care about the precinct.”

“It means the world to me,” Weber continued. “I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss this place.”

Perhaps he’ll feel differently the first time Bell interrupts his golf game with a question, but more likely, Weber will do what he’s done for the last 26 years—whatever he can to help.




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