Editorial: Airing Your (Dirty or Not Dirty) Laundry

The Jewish Journal described Anthony Weiner’s dilemma this week as a “twitter scandal” putting the congressman “under scrutiny”. Though I go kicking and screaming toward anything twitter and tweet, Facebook, my space, your space, you tube, my tube—I must admit I was remotely interested in seeing if the Congressman had in fact offered himself up as a candidate for the Times Square Calvin Klein Boy Shorts Billboard.

Lo and behold from his twitter account a photo of someone –obviously male—posing in a pair of underwear—was sent to a 21-year-old college student from Washington State. Weiner haters have emerged from every corner of the earth waiting to trounce on the fellow, for inappropriately sending himself off through cyberspace sporting his skivies.

On the other side of the “split-opinion” audience watching this circus take shape, are those who believe that he did not send it.

Since Friday night when the drama unfolded Weiner has come to state that he can’t say for sure that the photo isn’t of him but he maintains that he did not send it. So now the question becomes did he send this photo or was his account hacked into as he claims it was.

But it was not Friday night pictured in his underwear when anything was revealed about Anthony Weiner. It was on Sunday, while he was completely dressed, waving an American Flag, walking down Metropolitan Avenue in the Forest Hills Memorial Day Parade that we saw the naked truth of far more importance than underwear.

If you want to take Anthony Weiner apart for anything, if you want to say he is disrespectful and acts in a manner unbecoming to the Office of the United States Congress then do so for his repeated insensitive shouts of “Happy Memorial Day” along the parade route. Could it be the Congressman forgot this is the day set aside to honor our nation’s war dead.  It is a day of remembrance and tribute. Not a celebration.

When the next congressional election rolls around, perhaps we’d best be more concerned with the character of the candidate then the tweets of a twit.


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