Cop of the Month: Police Officer’s Initiative Leads to Key Arrest

Cop of the Month: Police Officer’s Initiative Leads to Key Arrest

Police Office Patrick McBride was presented with a plaque honoring him for his efforts in making an arrest made last Thursday while on midnight patrol.

Officer McBride observed two young males on a bicycle at approximately 3:30 a.m. and followed them as a routine procedure to a home off of Jamaica Ave on 107th Street. At that point one of the cyclists had gotten off the bicycle and was walking on the lawn of a resident while carrying a backpack. Officer McBride then approached the two to question them, at which point one fled and jumped over the fence. Officer McBride called for backā€“up and the suspect was subsequently picked up by police.

Officer McBride continued questioning the other suspect and examined the contents of the backpack, which contained several electronics including a portable GPS system, a cell phone, camera and other items. Officer McBride examined some photos on the camera and noticed a man posing with some of the same electronic equipment in his possession. The man in the photo was standing next to a car, and when police ran that plate number and called the owner they were told the same items had been stolen from his vehicle only hours before.

As a result of the follow-up investigation, it was discovered that the suspect who had originally fled from Officer McBride had a long history of prior arrests for crimes involving autos and auto theft.

by Patricia Adams


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