Editorial: Get Out and Vote

If you’ve been paying attention to our newspaper at all, you know there are special elections on September 13 to replace Anthony Weiner and Audrey Pheffer.

All of us complain about the state of government, but very few make their voices count by voting. This is especially true in special elections where turnout is horrendously low. In these types of elections, the political ground game plays the most important role. Take the power away from the political machine.

Listen, we’ll make this very simple: if you want things to change, you have to get out and vote. Don’t be resigned that no matter what happens, nothing will change.

As such, we’d like to thank the residents who braved the rain to attend our debate, co-sponsored by the Queens Chronicle on Tuesday night. We know you’re residents who care about the issues and are fighting for a change in your communities.

For everyone not paying attention, don’t be shocked when you need to get in contact with your local Assembly person or Congressional representative and realize he or she does not represent your values.

That’s what happens when you remain uninterested in the process and don’t vote.


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