Editorial: Bring Us the Table Games

This week, The Forum was invited on a tour of the new casino opening at Aqueduct racetrack, and we couldn’t help but notice there was something missing that could truly make the facility great and a world-class entertainment destination.

Table games. Poker, roulette, blackjack and numerous other games can bring a thrill and draw in even more people than just slots.

Resorts World is doing a great job to make the racino experience great, and we applaud their efforts. Just looking at what they’re doing with the Video Lottery Terminals gives us confidence that if table games were approved, Resorts World would do a great job bringing the community a great table game experience.

In a recent poll released by Quinnipiac University, New Yorkers agree. More than half of city residents polled supported bringing “full-fledged” casinos to the state. New Yorkers firmly believe that these casinos will bring jobs to the state, with 64 percent of those polled saying it would be good for the economy.

There is a downside, with 63 percent of people saying casinos will increase gambling addictions.

But in the end, in a non-partisan poll, New Yorkers say they want to bring a casino to the state. And there’s a perfect opportunity right here at Aqueduct.

Once again, we continue to push Governor Andrew Cuomo and our elected officials to work quickly to approve table games. It took ten long years to find a vendor to operate the racino at Aqueduct. Nobody wants to wait that long to get a wonderful addition to the new facility.


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