Greener Edsall Avenue Closer to Reality

Greener Edsall Avenue Closer to Reality

The second phase of the Edsall Avenue beautification project was completed over the weekend, as more than 30 volunteers pitched in to clean and plant around the Glendale rail line.

Volunteers from a variety of organizations, including New York Cares, the Glendale Civic Association and Citizens United for Rail Environmental Solutions (CURES) have put more than 200 hours into the project. Last Saturday, volunteers cleaned up weeds and trash, shoveled soil and helped plant new flowering plants.

Residents around the area had grown tired of the mess of weeds and illegally dumped trash in the area, especially along the rail corridor. Thanks to a Love Your Block grant from the Citizens Committee for New York City, the groups were able to fund the cleanup efforts.

There will be one more opportunity to volunteer. On Saturday, October 29, the final phase of the project will begin. Volunteers will put the finishing touches on the planting and celebrate their hard work. Interested residents should contact CURES at



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