Neighbors Say Hush Nightclub is Anything but Quiet

Neighbors Say Hush Nightclub is Anything but Quiet

For the last four years, neighbors of Hush Café Lounge and Garden have complained that it needs to live up to its name, but since a new commanding officer entered the precinct, they are getting at least some relief.

Homeowners around the bar and nightclub in Maspeth with yards abutting Hush’s property say it’s been blasting them out of their homes.

Until about four months ago, Michael Harte, who lives directly behind the lounge at 70-10 Grand Ave., said window-rattling music was a normal occurrence.

“You might already be sleeping for an hour and half and the next thing you know the windows are vibrating,” Harte said.

He’s been a lead spokesman for frustrated neighbors who have repeatedly called police and gone to their local community board looking for help.

Gary Giordano, district manager of Community Board Five, said the board has sent two letters on behalf of Hush’s neighbors asking the New York State Liquor Authority, to reevaluate Hush’s license.

It may have been a desperation move, he said, after neighbors had little luck with noise complaints to police.

“Only in the last three to four months have things improved because the new captain is enforcing the law now,” Harte said.

He’s referring to Captain Michael Cody, who took control the 104th Precinct in June.

Harte said that since Cody moved in, police have been cracking down on Hush, issuing noise, building and health summonses. Harte’s biggest compliment was that police are now taking a back road to Hush so they can hear any loud music before they’re seen by club owners — something Harte had been recommending for years.

“It is improving because the police are actually taking action now,” Harte said. “This captain is a breath of fresh air as far as we’re concerned.”

Harte said that although there’s been a marked improvement, neighbors still have intermittent noise complaints about Hush.

“We’re not going to be satisfied until they actually become a good neighbor,” he said.

The owners of Hush were not immediately available for comment.

By Jeremiah Dobruck


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