Swastika Painted on Forest Hills Overpass

Police responded last week to anti-semitic graffiti found in Forest Hills on Friday, April 13 at the Grand Central service road by 64th Avenue and 64th Road.

Someone had spray-painted a swastika and large racial slurs across the base of the overpass there.

The images were reported at around 10 a.m. on April 13, when they were investigated and removed by the 112th Precinct.

“I am utterly disgusted and angered at such expressions of hate and bigotry especially during the week of one the holiest religious observance for Jews,” Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz said. April 13 was the last day of Passover.

“These images serve nothing but a terrible reminder of the prejudice that still exists today,” Koslowitz continued. “It breaks my heart to know that someone would stoop so low to evoke fear and dreadful memories of the past. They should be ashamed of themselves and know these actions of hate will not be tolerated here or anywhere else. “

Koslowitz along with Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Assemblywoman Grace Meng and Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio issued a joint statement Tuesday condemning the hateful vandalism.

“I am absolutely appalled to see such malicious and offensive action taken against our community,” Hevesi said. “This sort of hate filled message is in no way reflective of our diverse and inclusive neighborhood. We will not tolerate bigotry of any form, be it race, religion, or anything else in our community.”

The neighboring 104th Precinct has investigated two similar incidents in the last few months in Maspeth.

On March 28, a swastika was found on a door at 69-38 Grand Avenue, and on Feb. 29 vandals drew swastikas and other graffiti on Trinity-St. Andrews Lutheran Church near 60th Street and 60th Avenue.

“This crime of hate is a crime against us all,” said Stavisky after the latest graffiti. “New York City is the melting pot of the world, where people of all backgrounds live without fear of bullying and threats of violence. Hate speech must be dealt with swiftly and decisively. Hate is a four-letter word which must be stricken from our vocabulary.”

The crimes have been referred to the NYPD’s hate crimes unit.

By Jeremiah Dobruck




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