Howard Beach Robberies

Howard Beach Robberies

Thieves entered the house after leaning over railing and prying open the first of two kitchen windows seen to the right of the drain. Forum Newsgroup photo by Patricia Adams.

Police have confirmed that there were two robberies late last week in Howard Beach; one on Thursday on 96th Street off 160th Avenue and another on Friday on 99th Street between 161st and 162nd Avenues.

Both incidents happened in the daylight hours. The victim of Friday’s incident put the time of that robbery between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The 99th Street homeowner, who asked not to be identified by name, said she was compelled to speak about the robbery because she doesn’t want her neighbors to encounter the same thing she did when she returned home after doing some errands and her shopping.

The perpetrator(s) are believed to have entered the two-story house from a side widow leading to the kitchen.

“I would never have known anything happened,” the woman said. “I didn’t realize it until I went upstairs to my bedroom and saw my jewelry box on the bed.” An undisclosed amount of jewelry was taken from the house, sources placing the value at a quite substantial loss for the distraught resident. In addition, a Mac Book Pro computer was stolen.

“I have lived here for nearly forty years and never had reason to fear having my valuables in my house.”

Now she says she has been sleeping downstairs on the couch. “You would never believe the effect on a person when a place of comfort in your home turns into a crime scene.”

Neighbors saw nothing suspicious despite the fact that the point of entry was in clear view of residences to the side, across the street and across the backyard.

Police have no suspects as of yet and the two crimes are linked thus far only by the choice of tool to facilitate entry; authorities believe that a crowbar or similar prying device was used in both robberies. Police are asking anyone with information to contact the 106 Detective Squad at 718-845-2260.

By Patricia Adams.


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