Forever 21 Coming to Atlas

Forever 21 Coming to Atlas

Over a dozen stores have closed at Atlas Park since the mall opened in April of 2006. The shops may soon be seeing some salvation after a spokesperson from Forever 21 confirmed they will be opening a store in the location. Forum Newsgroup photo by Natalia Kozikowska.

A spokesperson from Forever 21 has confirmed that the chain will be opening a 15,000-squarefoot store in Atlas Park in early 2013. This comes as good news to retailers and shoppers who believe the addition will draw in larger crowds and even new tenants.

Kathy Massi, president of the Glendale Civic Association, is looking forward to the new store making its way into the shops at Atlas Park. “I think Forever 21 will be a great tenant,” she said. “Truthfully, I think any tenant that is willing to come in, willing to pay rent and is a retail business will do well. It’s good for the community.”

Massi claims that a reliable source told her that Atlas Park may be discussing a few other future tenants which include American Eagle, Sephora, an optical store, Kay Jewelers and Ann Taylor Loft.

“I can’t seem to get them verified but it all came from the same source,” she said. Massi also claims that when she approached the management at Atlas Park they did not deny it. “They didn’t confirm it but they certainly didn’t deny it,” she added.

Management at Atlas Park was unable to confirm that Forever 21 and the rumored tenants will be coming to Glendale.

Fred Gerson, owner of The Fair, a home goods store at Atlas Park, said that Forever 21 can only help the center. “They have a very good reputation and if they bring traffic to the center it can only enhance the center.”

Sherry Morien, a resident of Glendale, also agreed that Forever 21 will help the stores already there. “I think it will be a good thing,” she said. “It will definitely bring business. People will come here more – especially me. It’s very rare that I come here so if Forever 21 opens here, I will definitely be doing more shopping here.”

Darlene Ramos, manager at Chicos, says Forever 21 will be a big move for the mall. “I think that this will bring in more shoppers. This is something for the youth and we need more stores for the young people here,” she said.

“Maybe now parents will come with their children and the parents can shop in the other stores. This will bring foot traffic to many of the merchants here and maybe more tenants will come.”

Over a dozen businesses have closed since the mall opened in April of 2006. Among some of those businesses include Borders, Steinmart, Coldwater Creek, The Amish Market, Verizon and a liquor store. Anila Dibrani, manager of J. Jill, says that it has been difficult for small businesses to thrive in Atlas Park.

“We need more stores for teenagers and a store like [Forever] 21 would be great because there is a movie theater right here. It’s been hard for businesses here to make it but I think this will help generate more traffic,” she said.

By Natalia Kozikowska


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