Meng Has Large Fundraising Advantage over Halloran

In the latest campaign numbers released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Assemblywoman Grace Meng has maintained the large fundraising lead she has over Councilman Dan Halloran in their race for Congress.

According to the latest FEC numbers, which shows campaign money up until June 30, Meng has raised over $1 million, with the exact amount being $1,035,816. In contrast, Halloran has produced only $18,915 in campaign money as of June 30.

To break down the numbers further, from June 15 until the 30th, Meng raised $245,591, while Halloran raised $7,200 during the same two weeks.

Despite the difference in money raised, Halloran’s campaign spokesperson Steven Stites said that he doesn’t think that will be a big factor in the
6th congressional district race, which stretches from parts of Ridgewood to Flushing. It’s the only congressional district that’s entirely in Queens.

“He’s not going to raise as much money as Meng, we knew that coming in,” Stites said. “But he’s going to raise enough to be competitive.” He mentioned that Congressman Bob Turner managed to capture his seat handily despite having been topped in the fundraising department. Austin Finan, spokesman for Meng, praised their fundraising success, saying that can be attributed to her being the candidate that promotes local economic growth in the district.

“Grace Meng has had success raising money on a grassroots level because she is the most trusted candidate in this race to stand up for working, middle class families in Queens…” he said. Finan also took a shot at Halloran’s fundraising statistics, saying that it reflects how the middle class voters feel in Queens.

“Dan Halloran’s weak fundraising numbers are proof that the Romney/Ryan/Halloran ticket’s radical, Tea Party ideology and plans to dismantle Medicare and Social Security are inconsistent and incompatible with the values of middle class voters in Queens,” he said.

Stites, once again, also called for Meng’s campaign to reveal the amount of money they got from “bundlers” which are people that ask for and collect money for the campaign. He had called for that earlier this month saying that they are supposed to disclose the money they got from there.

“She doesn’t want to be honest where that money came from,” he said. “You have to ask what she has to hide.”

Finan said that their original position on that matter hasn’t changed.

Earlier this month, Meng said at a press conference that she has no legal obligation to reveal that money.

By Luis Gronda


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