Casino Shows High Number of Queens Employees

A recent report published in the New York Daily News claimed that Resorts World Casino New York City has fallen short on its promise to hire 70 percent of its employees from Queens. But at an Our Neighbors Civic Association of Ozone Park meeting held Tuesday night, a representative from the casino said the report took the numbers out of context.

Patrick Jenkins, a representative of Resorts World and main liaison between the company and its surrounding community, said the Daily News article based its findings off the casino’s original projections, and didn’t take into account the rise in overall Queens employees for the year.

“The percentage is lower, but the actual number is higher,” Jenkins said when one concerned resident questioned him about the article during the civic meeting.

The Daily News report showed that the South Ozone Park facility employs 60.2 percent of its staff from Queens, which is technically ten percent lower than originally estimated. But representatives from the casino said the number of actual jobs given to Queens employees has increased, despite the percentage points.

Resorts World originally estimated that Queens residents would get about 70 percent of the 850 jobs created from the casino – around 600 in total. But the total number of employees increased to 1,750 after the facility expanded and added several more food and beverage outlets. Currently there are more than 1,100 Queens residents working at the casino, which is more than 60 percent.

“In terms of actual jobs, rather than percentages, Queens is doing far better than originally anticipated,” a representative said.
Less than a year after opening, Resorts World Casino New York City has promoted 134 of its employees. According to a press release, it has also allowed hundreds of additional employees to transfer to other areas within the company, where they supposedly have better opportunities to build their career.

“These latest promotion numbers reflect the opportunity our facility has provided for employees to launch successful careers,” President of Resorts World Casino New York City, Michael Speller, said in a statement. “With the continued success and growth of Resorts World Casino New York, we are continuing to evaluate opportunities for more job creation.”

Community leaders such as Community Board 10 member Romeo Hitlall have also praised the casino for its diverse hiring policy.

“We’re so pleased that so many people are not only finding jobs here in Queens, but jobs with incredible opportunity for advancement,” Hitlall said. “Queens is primed for further development and these jobs that Resorts World Casino New York City has brought to our neighborhood have been crucial to the continued growth of the economy.”

By Ryan Lavis


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