Op-Ed: A Small Effort from DOT will go a long way in protecting our children and families

After years of school officials, parents and community leaders fighting for safer streets outside of Walter Ward Public School, PS 232, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has finally offered a small solution. After several letters sent from my office, DOT had installed a mobile speed board to create safer roadways and most recently, P.S. 232 was selected out of only eight other schools across New York City to participate in a program to design safer street signage.

I applaud the Department of Transportation for taking the creative initiative to protect our streets. Although placing more signage is a step in the right direction, we need a real permanent solution. Our new Mayor has made traffic safety, particularly around schools, a priority and we will not rest until every student feels safe while walking to school.

In my communications with DOT, I requested a thorough investigation of all streets surrounding the school and that they explore the possibility of installing speed bumps or stop controls to curb speeding vehicles, especially those exiting and entering the Lindenwood Shopping Center adjacent to the school.

Due to the speeding cars and heavy traffic, administration and faculty members put themselves at risk and often escort students across the busy intersection at 153rd Avenue and 83rd Street. There have been many near accidents in this area and we need to take action now to prevent a tragic accident before it’s too late.

Traffic safety and control should be the Department of Transportation’s top priority in Lindenwood and I will continue to work with DOT and the faculty of P.S. 232. It should not take a tragic accident to see action or meaningful change. A small effort from DOT will go a long way in protecting our children and families in every community.

By Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder


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