Pimp Sentenced to up to 10 Years in Prison  for Forcing Teen Girl into Prostitution

Pimp Sentenced to up to 10 Years in Prison for Forcing Teen Girl into Prostitution

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Jones pleaded guilty last month to sex trafficking.

By Forum Staff

A sex trafficker convicted after having pleaded guilty to charges last month, will spend 3 to 10 years in prison for forcing a 15-year-old into prostitution. The victim was forced to have sexual encounters with men for money and then turn the money over to Hakim Jones, 22  of 118th Road in Jamaica.

District AttorneyBrown said, “I want to stress that prostitution is not a victimless crime. Sex trafficking is an incessant act of brutality and degradation in which the victim is forced into having sex dates with men for money. While this teenage girl fortunately was able to get away from the trafficker who enslaved her, she will have to live with the emotional scars and horror of this experience for the rest of her life. As such, the sentence meted out by the Court is more than warranted.”

According to the charges, the 15-year-old victim left a group home in Manhattan with a friend in January 2016 and was picked up by a man and taken to a location in Queens. At that location, the teenager was introduced to Jones and at that time he told the girl, “You’re gonna be my bitch” and refused to let her leave. The defendant took numerous photographs of the teenager and posted advertisements for sex on Backpage.com.

For several weeks the teenager performed sex acts for cash in locations in Queens and throughout the city as well as in Long Island. According to trial testimony, Jones repeatedly threatened the teen with violence and the fact that he had a gun.

 In March when the teenager resisted having 17 dates lined up for her, the defendant punched her in the mouth causing bleeding and swelling.


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