Bill to Increase Recycling Opportunities  in City Recreational Areas Passes State Senate

Bill to Increase Recycling Opportunities in City Recreational Areas Passes State Senate

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Sen. Addabbo co-sponsored the legislation.

By Forum Staff

The State Senate recently approved legislation to increase recycling opportunities in City parks, historic sites, playgrounds and other recreational areas while reducing the amount of trash ultimately and unnecessarily buried in landfills, according to Sen. Joe Addabbo, Jr. (D-Howard Beach), one of the bill’s co-sponsors.

Under the proposed legislation, the City would be required to install bins for the collection of recyclable materials in parks, playgrounds, historic sites and other recreational facilities, while urging visitors to carry out their trash and deposit it in the proper receptacles, Addabbo said. The City Department of Sanitation would regularly collect the recycled materials and ensure their proper disposal, and signage would be posted to encourage visitors to deposit their trash in the appropriate containers.  To help cover the costs of the program, the City would be able to apply for grants from the State’s Environmental Protection Fund.

“People come out to our parks, playgrounds and other attractions to get some fresh air, enjoy the great outdoors, and learn about our rich history in New York City,” added Addabbo, a member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. “Unfortunately, the trash that is sometimes left behind at these sites is unsightly, dangerous to wildlife, discourages attendance, and otherwise presents a serious – but preventable – problem in our recreational areas. Making it easier for people to recycle glass, metal, plastic, paper and other materials in these areas would help to effectively address the issue and provide benefits for all of us.”

Now that the bill has been approved by the Senate, it is under consideration by the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee.

“We need to significantly step up our efforts to encourage active recycling, which is a boon to our environment, our economy, and every single one of us who enjoys the City’s beautiful green spaces and historic sites,” the senatror said. “An added benefit to this legislation is that taxpayers will save money on clean-up costs when recyclables are properly handled and ultimately reused.”

Addabbo’s Office also noted that the senator and Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven) will be hosting their popular annual Spring Recycling Fair on April 30, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Forest Park Bandshell.

“In Albany, and in the district, I am doing my best to encourage and expand recycling efforts, and I hope my constituents will save the date of my April recycling fair and come on out to dispose of unwanted housewares, clothing, paper, and other items,” Addabbo said. “Let’s continue to work together to get our junk out of our attics and basements, and make sure that as much of it as possible stays out of the waste stream.”


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