102nd Precinct Traffic Initiative  Sees E-Bikes Confiscated

102nd Precinct Traffic Initiative Sees E-Bikes Confiscated

Photos Courtesy of NYPD

By Michael V. Cusenza
Use it and lose it, indeed.
As part of a traffic safety initiative, officers with the 102nd Precinct recently confiscated several illegal electronic bikes across the command.
“These unregistered electric bikes were seized on our latest safety operation,” Dep. Inspector Deodat Urprasad, precinct commander, wrote on Twitter in addition to posting images of the impounded vehicles.
Motor bikes are a familiar sight in the five boroughs, especially in warmer months. And that’s when the City police Department ratchets up its annual crack down on the modes of transportation.
“With the nice weather approaching, don’t forget that it’s illegal to ride certain motor bikes in NYC,” the NYPD posted to its Twitter page earlier this year. “If you ride it, we’re going to take it.”



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