HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ANNE! Former Howard Beach resident turns 109

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ANNE! Former Howard Beach resident turns 109

Photo courtesy of the Walsh family

5 generations separated by 108 years. Sitting – Mary Walsh of the Laurels – 109 years old and right to left Mary’s Daughter- Kay Stanton 79 of Lake Monticello; Kay’s son Robert Stanton Jr 54 of Sarasota Florida; Robert’s son Rob Stanton 27 of Garden City Park and Rob’s daughter Stella -1\A happy birthday to former Howard Beach resident Mary Anne Campbell Walsh, who turned 109 on April 9.
Born in the city of Charlestown in County Mayo, Ireland on April 9, 1908, Campbell Walsh immigrated to the United States at the age of 18. She always said she left Ireland as she was the oldest girl of 13 siblings and didn’t want to stay to be a farmer’s wife.
She worked in Philadelphia as a governess, and while at a dance met the love of her life – Daniel P. Walsh – who was born in the town of Castlebar in County Mayo in Ireland. They married in 1933, and after living in NYC and the Bronx they eventually settled in Howard Beach, where they raised five children: Mary Dinella; Anne Paulsen; Lake Monticello resident Kay Stanton; the late Joan Baldwin; and Daniel Walsh Jr.
Campbell Walsh is beloved by her children, her 23 grandchildren, her 34 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Shortly after her husband died, she moved to Virginia to live with her daughter, Kay, and son-in-law, Bob Stanton. Campbell Walsh currently resides at the Laurels in Charlottesville, VA.
Her family said that Campbell Walsh has always been the glue that kept them together, and the link between Ireland and the United States.
She is an immigrant success story and her family told The Forum they feel that they have been blessed to have her here for so long.
Slainte, Mary Anne!



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