NYPD Touts Borough Warrant Squad  August Arrests  in South Queens

NYPD Touts Borough Warrant Squad August Arrests in South Queens

Photo Courtesy of NYPD

The unit recovered these weapons in South Ozone Park.

By Forum Staff
The City Police Department on Monday heralded the summer work of the elite Queens Warrant Squad, recalling how the unit successfully arrested two violent felons and recovered three illegal firearms in one week in August.
On Aug. 23, according to police reports, the squad pursued a suspect wanted for menacing with a firearm in South Ozone Park. When the team entered the location at 131st Street, the officers were able to arrest the suspect without incident, cops said. Their subsequent search resulted in the recovery of a 9mm glock and a .40 caliber JCP High Point model.
And on Aug. 30, the unit pursued an active felony parole warrant within the confines of the 101st Precinct. When the officers arrived at the suspect’s known location, they entered and successfully apprehended him. During his arrest, the suspect was found in possession of a .357 magnum firearm.


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