NYC Ferry Releases  Winter Schedules

NYC Ferry Releases Winter Schedules

Photo Courtesy of the City of New York

The ferry winter schedules officially went into effect last Saturday.

By Michael V. Cusenza
NYC Ferry recently released its winter schedules for all routes. The new timetables officially went into effect on Saturday, Nov. 4.
“Riders will see the same frequency and level of service during peak hours,” the City assured.
The Rockaway route features vessels every hour – during rush hours or off-peak; weekday or weekend – during the fall and winter months.
The East River Route now features ferries every 22 minutes during morning and evening rush hours; every 44 minutes during off-peak travel times. On weekends, riders will have to wait 45 minutes between ferries.
Commuters that rely on the Astoria route will be able to board vessels every 50 minutes over the next few months. That’s a 17-minute increase in wait-time from previous months.
Since its ahead-of-schedule launch earlier this year, the NYC Ferry has been wildly popular, passing the one-million rider mark in August. Over the summer, the City’s sea-faring public transit option drew enormous weekend crowds that forced transportation officials to charter more vessels.
“Since May 1, 2017, the NYC Ferry has served thousands of New York City residents, providing them affordable, reliable transit between Rockaway Beach and ‘The Big Apple,’” said State Sen. Joseph Addabbo, Jr. (D-Howard Beach). “This successful mode of transportation will have a direct economic benefit to the Rockaway peninsula.”
According to the de Blasio administration, once the NYC Ferry system is fully operating in 2018, the combined routes will cover more than 60 miles of waterway at $2.75 per ride, the same as a MetroCard.


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