NYPD Talks Cyber Security and Shopping Safety

By Forum Staff

Just in time for Black Friday, the City Police Department issued its annual cyber security and shopping safety tips:

Cyber Security
• Connect with care: Never provide your banking or credit card information over an unsecured public WiFi network.
• Be cautious online: Do not click on suspicious links or download items from unknown sources.
• Pay attention to website URLs: Shop only at credible, reputable websites, and look for URLs that start with “https,” which are more secure than “http” sites.
• Set strong passwords: Make sure your account and WiFi passwords are complex and unique to each account.
• Don’t believe everything you see: Hackers and thieves often use “can’t miss” deals to lure unsuspecting customers and collect credit card or financial information.
• Keep a record of your order: Retain all documentation from the order in case there is an issue with the purchase and use credit cards that limit your liability for fraudulent charges.
• Check your statements: Check your purchase records against your credit card and bank statements. If there are differences, report them immediately to your bank and police when needed.
Brick-and-Mortar Store Shopping Tips
• Do not carry large amounts of cash.
• Never carry your wallet in your rear pants pocket.
• When carrying a purse, firmly grasp the top portion of the purse while shopping.
• Never leave a purse or bag unattended, in a shopping cart, or on the back of a chair.
• Always be aware of staged distractions. Pickpockets may drop something in front of you or cause a loud commotion near you. Once you are distracted another pickpocket will then steal your valuables.
• Backpacks are big targets for thieves. In order to become a less likely target carry your backpack in the front of your body, secure zippers, and do not put wallets in outer compartments.


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