Queens Metro HS Students Volunteer  at City’s Largest Soup Kitchen

Queens Metro HS Students Volunteer at City’s Largest Soup Kitchen

Photos Courtesy of Queens Metro High School

By Michael V. Cusenza
The Queens Metropolitan High School Helping Hands Club on Sunday visited the Xavier Mission Soup Kitchen in Manhattan for their first club mission.
Approximately 11 students of varying grade levels from the Forest Hills school participated in the preparation and serving of more than 1,350 Thanksgiving meals at the city’s largest soup kitchen.
Lucy Accardo, co-president of Community Education Council 24, said “it was great to see the kids serve the guests a hot tray of food, smile at the individuals and chat with them.”
The participants, according to Accardo, were stationed at the tray-washing station, where they wiped down every tray that was received, washed it, and sent it back around for another round. (Xavier has 500 trays, but usually feed 1,000-1,500 meals, so the organization needs to reuse the main tray.)
“They did an excellent job and we should all be so proud of them, making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate,” Accardo said.
Since 1983, Xavier Mission has been a non-profit organization providing basic services as well as opportunities for empowerment and self-sufficiency to New Yorkers in need. They operate six community outreach programs that provide a continuum of services to those facing difficult times.


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