Bill Calls for Residential Parking Program in NYC

Bill Calls for Residential Parking Program in NYC

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The proposed legislation calls for the City DOT to develop a program aimed at helping a large majority of local residents secure a parking spot in their community.

By Michael V. Cusenza
Two syllables responsible for seemingly unending angst across most, if not all, Queens communities.
However, relief might be on the horizon for borough drivers. A bill was introduced during a recent Stated Meeting of the City Council that would require the Department of Transportation to develop a citywide residential parking permit system.
“NYC must have a residential parking permit system in place,” said Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan), the measure’s prime sponsor. “Many New Yorkers are tired of competing with out-of-town commuters who do not live where they park. Most New Yorkers would support it; over 50 percent said they’d be willing to pay an annual fee, as per a study done by CUNY.”
While the schedule of fees would have to be worked out by DOT, the proposed legislation calls for the program to “make not less than 20 percent of all spaces within the permit area available to
non-residents and provide for short-term parking of not less than 90 minutes in duration in such area,” according to Council documents.
So, under the initiative, roughly 80 percent of the parking spots in a designated area would be available to the residents of said neighborhood.
Rodriguez, who is the chairman of the Transportation Committee, claimed that there are many benefits to such a program, aside from the obvious.
“A residential parking permit system in NYC can help address congestion in our city and discourage commuters from driving into our city to park in our streets and encourage using mass transit,” he added. “Many cities are doing this, including Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago.”
New York legislators a have broached the idea of crafting a residential parking permit system before, but nothing came to fruition. Last October, State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) introduced a bill that would call on the City to create a one-year parking pilot program zoned for the area covering a two-mile radius of LaGuardia Airport. Senate records show that that measure is currently being reviewed by the Transportation Committee.


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