Drag Racing Bronx Man Pleads Guilty to Role  in High-Speed Chase through Springfield Gardens

Drag Racing Bronx Man Pleads Guilty to Role in High-Speed Chase through Springfield Gardens

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Ramirez initially was observed racing with an unapprehended other driver along the Nassau Expressway.

By Forum Staff
After entering a guilty plea for reckless endangerment and other charges for racing, Juan Ramierez, may be speeding off to prison.
The 26-year-old Bronx man was racing on the Nassau Expressway in Queens and then led police on a high speed chase through Springfield Gardens hitting 115 mph and faster in August of 2016.
“Drag racing on city streets – and expressways – is a disaster waiting to happen,” said DA Brown. “Not only did this defendant endanger himself, but everyone else as well. A vehicle weighing in excess of twenty-five hundred pounds and traveling at a high rate of speed is transformed into a potentially deadly missile. A bump in the road, the twitch of a hand or even a sneeze could have resulted in death and destruction. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated in Queens County. The defendant deserves some time to cool his need for speed and will get just that when sentenced to jail time in the coming weeks.”
Sentencing is set for June 18, 2018, at which time Ramirez faces six months in jail and five years’ probation.
According to the charges, Ramirez was behind the wheel of an enhanced-1992 red Honda Civic on August 23, 2016, at approximately 2 a.m.
Police tried to stop the car with lights and sirens and angled into Ramierez’ path to cut him off but after slowing down and pulling toward the side of the rpoad he hit the accelerator and took off.
Ramirez drove into a cul-de-sac and crashed into a fence, but still attempted to flee by accelerating in reverse and nearly striking a police officer. The car’s bumper, though, was caught in the fencing. The defendant then jumped from the vehicle and was apprehended following a short foot chase.


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