Precinct Commander and Cop of the Month Forged Bond Years Ago in Flushing

Precinct Commander and Cop of the Month Forged Bond Years Ago in Flushing

Photo Courtesy of NYPD

Precinct Special Operations Lt. Frank DiPreta (l. to r.), PO Dan Levy and Deputy Inspector Bohannon.

By Michael V. Cusenza
Police Officer Dan Levy recently earned Cop of the Month honors from the 106th Precinct Community Council.
He won the unwavering respect of his commanding officer years ago.
Deputy Inspector Brian Bohannon, CO of the 106, this week heaped praise on Levy, who he’s known since they rode together in RMPs patrolling the streets of Northern Queens.
“Dan is a trusted friend and was my partner when we were both police officers in the 107th Precinct,” Bohannon said. “I told him years ago that if I ever commanded my own precinct I would look to bring him along with me. Dan didn’t hesitate to join the 106 team.”
Bohannon characterized the 12-year veteran as “an integral part” of the South Queens command.
“[Dan] can always be counted on to give any task presented to him his all,” the deputy inspector continued. “He coordinates with various community groups to problem-solve quality of life issues. He also provides insight to me on emerging crime trends and areas of concern.”


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