House Approves Meng Measure to Create Glendale ZIP Code

House Approves Meng Measure to Create Glendale ZIP Code

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By Michael V. Cusenza
The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved a provision that would create a ZIP code for Glendale, according to the measure’s sponsor, Rep. Grace Meng (D-Flushing).
The provision passed as part of a bipartisan bill that requires the Postal Service to create new ZIP codes for several communities across the country. Under the legislation, the Postal Service must designate a single, unique ZIP code for the area that encompasses Glendale no later than 270 days from the date of the legislation’s enactment. The bill, which passed by voice vote, now heads to the Senate, Meng noted.
The postal predicament was sparked 40 years ago. Following the 1977 Bushwick riots, residents of neighboring Ridgewood and Glendale, which were served by the Brooklyn post office and its 11227 ZIP code, sought a separation. In 1979, the Postal Service placed the two Queens communities under the new 11385 ZIP code.
However, the shared arrangement has resulted in headaches for Glendale residents. Packages are sent to the wrong address; confused contractors and delivery personnel have trouble locating Glendale customers.
For decades, civic leaders and elected officials have tried to get a unique code for Glendale, only to be consistently turned away by the USPS. Meng joined the fight in 2014. She secured the first-ever passage of the legislation during the last session of Congress in 2016—but the Senate failed to act, she said.
“Establishing a ZIP code for Glendale would allow for more efficient mail delivery and ensure that first responders and navigation devices no longer have problems with finding correct addresses. It would also ensure that the wonderful and vibrant identity of Glendale is appropriately recognized by the Postal Service,” Meng added.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/AOMarks
“Establishing a ZIP code for Glendale would allow for more efficient mail delivery,” Rep. Meng noted.


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