Feds to Fund World’s Fair Pavilion Repair

Feds to Fund World’s Fair Pavilion Repair

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Katz called the World’s Fair Pavilion “a national treasure here in Queens.”

By Forum Staff
More than $16 million in federal funding will be used for repairs at the World’s Fair Pavilion in Flushing, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (both D-N.Y.) announced on Monday.
The funding, which was allocated through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, will be provided to the City Office of Management and Budget and has been earmarked for the repair and replacement of several electrical units at the World’s Fair Park, which were severely damaged during Superstorm Sandy.
The money will also be used to implement mitigation measures to prevent future flooding damage, the senators noted. According to FEMA, hazard mitigation measures are any sustainable action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from future disasters. The HMGP supports cost-effective post-disaster projects and is the longest running mitigation program among FEMA’s three grant programs. Studies have shown that every $1 spent equals $4 of future damages mitigated.
“This is a tremendous investment toward repair and resiliency in the park on the part of Sen. Schumer and Sen. Gillibrandthat will recover a national treasure here in Queens,” said Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. “With these additional resources for electrical and structural improvements, we are well on our way to restore and illuminate this historic, architectural marvel into a visible icon befitting The World’s Borough.”
According to Schumer and Gillibrand, the funding will specifically be used to conduct the following repairs:
• Electrical Vaults: Remove and replace the disconnect switches, transformers, distribution panels, exhaust fans, and wiring of eight electrical vaults. In addition, hazard mitigation measures will be completed to prevent future, reoccurring damages. This will include dry flood proofing the vaults to protect the electrical equipment, installing a roof hatch above flood elevation level, and installing pumps in each vault to remove any water that leaks in.
• Concession: Remove and replace a switch, boost transformers, lighting panel, time clock, fuse box, and wiring at the concession.
• Boathouse: Remove and replace the electrical cabinet, receptacles, wiring, and mechanical equipment including a burner, solenoid valve and pressure gauge.
• Meadow Lake (main area): Funding will be used to remove and replace wire at the power service feeders, telephone cable and other wiring.
• Comfort Station: Remove and replace the meter pan, safety switch, panel board, light switches, receptacles, hand dryers, and wiring.
“The World’s Fair Pavilion is one of Flushing’s iconic sites. This funding is an important investment that will help repair the electric components of many of the park’s facilities, including the vaults, concession area, boathouse, main area, and comfort station,” Gillibrand said. “These fixes are an important step in recovering from the damage that [Superstorm] Sandy caused and will help revitalize the World’s Fair Pavilion for future generations to enjoy.”
Schumer echoed Gillibrand’s sentiment.
“Now the pavilion is being restored and these federal funds will be used to repair damages caused by Superstorm Sandy and help yet another community asset recover after the storm,” New York’s senior senator added.


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