LIRR gets Grant for Union Tpke. Bridge

LIRR gets Grant for Union Tpke. Bridge

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The Union Turnpike bridge is in dire need of rehabilitation.

By Forum Staff
The City is set to receive $6.3 million in grants from the State for railroad infrastructure improvements, including $2.8 million for the Long Island Rail Road to rehabilitate the Union Turnpike bridge in Glendale, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced.
In all, $27.1 million in grants and awards has been earmarked for 14 railroad bridges, 26 grade crossings and more than 32 miles of rail track and facilities across the Empire State. The funds, from the Governor’s Passenger and Freight Rail Assistance Program, will support projects that strengthen infrastructure and economic development vital to the movement of goods throughout New York, Cuomo noted.
“New York’s rail and port infrastructure is critical to local economies across the state, and these grants will not only support existing commercial activities but to help attract new business investments as well,” the governor added. “With these improvements, we can keep these economic engines running, and ensure safe and efficient travel for both passenger and freight customers statewide.”


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