Family Fun at Weekend Walk in Woodhaven

Family Fun at Weekend Walk in Woodhaven

Photos Courtesy of

Woodhaven Business Improvement District

By Michael V. Cusenza
South Queens families on Saturday flocked to Jamaica Avenue for the Woodhaven Business Improvement District’s inaugural Weekend Walk in Woodhaven.
Adults seized a chance to relax, listen to some music, and sample some of the local fare, while kids had fun from noon to 6 p.m. in bounce castle, slides, obstacle course, craft tables, and exhibits that lined the thoroughfare from 85th to 89th streets.
According to the WBID, Weekend Walks are multi-block events on commercial corridors that promote the use of streets as public space. Community based organizations apply to close commercial streets and provide programming that highlights local businesses and the city’s unique neighborhoods.
Project Woodhaven noted that the Weekend Walk was not a street fair.
“There are no vendors selling stuff—there is no money being made off this event. The idea is to reclaim a busy stretch and turn it into a friendly space for the community,” the group wrote on Facebook.


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