Liberty/101st Ave. Surveys are Vital: Addabbo

Liberty/101st Ave. Surveys are Vital: Addabbo

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Liberty Avenue and 101st Avenue between the Van Wyck Expressway and Woodhaven Boulevard have been selected by QEDC to be part of its Avenue NYC Commercial Revitalization grant program.

By Forum Staff

In an effort to help the Queens Economic Development Corporation spread the word about its plans to revitalize and improve the commercial corridors along Liberty and 101st avenues in Ozone Park and Richmond Hill, State Sen. Joe Addabbo, Jr. (D-Howard Beach) is urging area consumers to complete an important survey that will be part of the QEDC Commercial District Needs Assessment.

Those who frequently shop along the two thoroughfares are encouraged to fill out a survey detailing their favorite establishments, how much time they spend in the commercial district, what they would like to see added to these shopping areas, and other questions that will help QEDC and the City Department of Small Business Services gather information about the commercial district and customers’ spending habits.

Addabbo noted that SBS selected QEDC’s application for Liberty Avenue and 101st Avenue between the Van Wyck Expressway and Woodhaven Boulevard to be part of its Avenue NYC Commercial Revitalization grant program. These grants provide multi-year commitments aimed at building the capacity of partner organizations to better understand neighborhood needs, develop impactful programs, and sustain their work in the community for at least three years.

“Small and local businesses are critical to our local economy and are the bedrock for successful communities,” Addabbo added. “If I can help in any way to make the Liberty Avenue/101st Avenue commercial area even more vibrant and successful, I will do it because our business owners deserve it, our residents deserve it, and our communities deserve it. I encourage all those who shop on Liberty Avenue and 101st Avenue to fill out the consumer survey to give QEDC and Small Business Services the most accurate information so they can get a better sense of what the area needs.”

QEDC staffers will also be going door-to-door along the commercial district to hand out their merchant surveys to acquire information from the businesses in order to better understand the challenges they face and how to properly address those concerns.

“QEDC is happy to receive the support of SBS in working to strengthen the business environment in the South Richmond Hill and Ozone Park area,” said Ricardi Calixte, deputy director of QEDC. “Thriving local retail corridors embodies the vibrancy and economic fabric of a neighborhood. Through the Avenue NYC commercial revitalization program, QEDC will engage local partners and community stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive analysis of neighborhood strengths, needs, and opportunities; these findings along with community input will help shape planning and program development strategies to help area businesses and enhance the shopping experience for local residents.”

If you shop along Liberty Avenue or 101st Avenue and want to participate in the anonymous consumer survey, copy and paste this link into your browser:


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