FDNY Touts Drop  in Fire Deaths

FDNY Touts Drop in Fire Deaths

Photo Courtesy of FDNY

City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro

By Forum Staff

The City recorded 66 fire deaths last year, 25 percent fewer blaze-related fatalities than 2018, when 88 people lost their lives in fires in the five boroughs, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro announced Wednesday.

And 2019 marks the 14th-consecutive year there have been fewer than 100 fire-related deaths in the city—“an unprecedented period” in Gotham’s history, Nigro noted.

“This outstanding achievement is the result of our members responding quickly, working together to remove those trapped by fire, providing unrivaled emergency medical care, thoroughly investigating fires, educating the public, and inspecting buildings and areas of public assembly throughout the city to ensure the safety of the public we serve,” the commissioner said.

Additionally, FDNY Emergency Medical Service responded to a record high number of medical emergencies last year (1,531,870) up from 1,529,569 medical emergencies in 2018.

According to the department, EMS responses fall into one of two broad categories: Segment 1-3, which include life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrest, unconscious and choking calls; and Segment 4-8, incidents which are triaged as non-life-threatening incidents. FDNY EMS responded to 563,920 Segment 1-3 calls and 967,950 Segment 4-8 incidents in 2019.

“The men and women who serve in the FDNY are everyday heroes,” Mayor Bill de Blasio added. “Their hard work and commitment to public safety have resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of New Yorkers who needlessly lost their lives last year. From fighting and investigating fires to providing outstanding medical care, I applaud each member’s bravery and service to our city.”

The deadliest year in New York City for fires was 1970, when 310 people died in infernos across the five boroughs. In 2016, 48 people died in fires in the Big Apple.


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