Car Crimes Still Soaring

Car Crimes Still Soaring

Car crimes are crippling the 106th Precinct.

Auto thefts have skyrocketed more than 330 percent year-to-date: So far this year, there have been at least 13 vehicles reported stolen in the 106, compared to three during the same time period in 2019, according to the latest available City Police Department statistics. Grand larcenies are way up this year as well: 50 in 2020 compared to 30 reported during the first month of 2019 (a 67-percent increase). As many area cops have pointed out, a lot of the grand larceny reports describe expensive possessions pilfered from inside an unlocked car.

On Sunday, 106 Auxiliary officers distributed flyers on crime prevention, including tips such as: Do not, under any circumstances, leave your car running and unoccupied—regardless of how quickly you plan on returning to it. And never leave personal property in your vehicle. Always lock your doors and remove cell phones, laptops, pocketbooks, and extra key fobs from inside of vehicles.

Photo Courtesy of NYPD



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