Amidst the lull of the Covid-19 outbreak, many casualties have emerged which illustrate the fractured society and the chaos of daily life left in the wake of a worldwide pandemic.

In our opinion, the NYC DOE is the hallmark of the multi-faceted devastation now branded into our existence.

Before we discuss students, let’s take a brief look at what parents are facing due to the abandonment of government and the ineptness of Bill de Blasio and Richard Carranza, at the helm on the ship of fools planning out our kids future and education.

Parents are nearly ripping their hair out over making decisions as to what’s best for their children. They desperately want their kids to return to some degree of normalcy, which starts with going to school everyday both to learn and to socialize with their peers. But many cannot shed the anxiety and the guilt of potentially leading their lambs to a slaughter by turning them out into classrooms and school buildings that absolutely cannot be deemed safe. We’re pretty comfortable with Justice being blind but when school administration can’t see a thing, comfort turns to panic.

We have monitored the DOE’s correspondence with administrators, staff and parents since announcing their plans to reopen. If we could add one zero to our bank accounts for every ten changes they have introduced we could all afford private instruction under optimal sanitary conditions.

Now, less than two weeks before the scheduled reopening, they are no closer to establishing a sound plan for a return to the classroom then they were when they started. Let us not forget the amount of time and supplies– which have not been adequately provided–that it would take to implement said plan.

And what about the people who devote their daily lives to making a difference in children and their education? You know them as teachers. They are faced with pressure from a union that knows it’s not right to go back to work and is consequentially calling for a strike. This time it’s not for a contract, this time it’s to potentially save their lives.

The DOE’s answer to a teachers strike is to immediately take away their tenure, take two sick days from their bank for every day they strike, and oh, did we mention that they would also lose their health benefits and be forced to acquire coverage from the union’s Cobra plan.

And now the most serious consideration of all: the more than one million school children that comprise the largest school district in the United States, currently at the mercy of morons.

The testing ground as to the effectiveness of remote learning utilized since the initial school closure is a good indicator to illustrate the level of incompetence with which DOE administrators have led the fight thus far. They are now asking us to gamble on the safety of anyone and everyone who steps into school buildings.

We prefer to roll the dice on a green felt table at a casino.

Not until a qualified opinion clarifies safe conditions, and provides a surplus supply of PPE and all other materials and equipment needed to guarantee our kids’ utmost safety, should we even consider reopening schools.


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