Council Set to Vote on Package of Bills  Targeting Deliveries in NYC

Council Set to Vote on Package of Bills Targeting Deliveries in NYC

Photo Courtesy of Emil Cohen/NY City Council

The council will vote on the package of bills at its next stated meeting, which is set for Thursday, April 29.

By Forum Staff

The City Council will vote this Thursday, April 29, on a legislative package for smart, safe, and sustainable deliveries in the five boroughs.

The package includes:

  • Sustainable Micro-Distribution Centers:This bill would require DOT to pilot a dozen 800 square-foot micro-distribution centers for the purpose of transferring goods from commercial vehicles to sustainable modes of transportation such as electric vehicles, cargo bikes, and hand trucks for the end of its journey. The micro-distribution centers will create dedicated space for delivery companies to stage deliveries and optimize last-mile routes, while simultaneously getting them off of the streets and sidewalks, incentivizing sustainable modes of transportation, and improving street safety. One year after the implementation of the pilot, DOT would be required to make recommendations for the program’s expansion.
  • Commercial Loading Zone Reform:This bill will require all commercial loading zones to be metered to ensure commercial vehicles are paying their fair share for their use of the curb, extend the number of hours that commercial vehicles can park in loading zones from 3 to 8 hours to reduce the practice of unnecessary idling, hovering, and double-parking to avoid fines while drivers make deliveries, prohibit placard parking in commercial loading zones below 60th street in Manhattan, and require the maintenance of temporary commercial loading zones where construction staging occupies or otherwise prevents the use of existing commercial loading zone.
  • Expand commercial loading zones citywide:This bill would require DOT to ensure that no less than 25% of available curb space is dedicated to loading zones in both densely populated neighborhoods and neighborhoods with commercial and manufacturing uses. This standard would ensure that DOT assesses the need for additional commercial vehicle loading zones and creates sufficient space for deliveries and servicing trips in the City’s densest neighborhoods.
  • Require large commercial buildings to submit and implement “Delivery and Servicing Plans”:This bill would require owners of large commercial buildings to submit and implement Delivery and Servicing Plans to the Department of Buildings on an annual basis. At a minimum, the building owners would be required to provide access to on-site loading and unloading locations and storage rooms, and implement either a delivery reservation system or off-hour deliveries for the building’s suppliers and vendors. In addition, the building owners would be required to survey tenants to identify and implement other truck traffic mitigation measures, including but not limited to the consolidation of vendors, cooperative procurement and the use of off-site consolidation centers. The bill would also require DOB to create an Office of Sustainable Delivery Systems to provide technical assistance to building owners, including a step-by-step guide, with respect to developing, amending, implementing and evaluating the plans.
  • Require the construction of secure package rooms in new and significantly renovated residential buildings: This bill would require developers of new residential buildings to create a secure package storage area on the ground floor of the building. This requirement would also apply to residential buildings undergoing significant reconstruction or renovations.
  • Require DOT to redesign NYC’s truck routes:This bill would require DOT to redesign the City’s truck routes in partnership with key stakeholders and opportunities for public comment to improve safety, increase visibility, reduce traffic congestion and emissions, increase efficiency, reduce vehicle miles traveled, and reduce negative health and safety impacts on residents and workers.

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