Pheffer Amato Sues to have all 23rd Assembly District Race Votes Recounted

Pheffer Amato Sues to have all 23rd Assembly District Race Votes Recounted

File Photo

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato

By Michael V. Cusenza

See you in court.

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Howard Beach), still trailing GOP challenger Tom Sullivan by a scant 246 votes, this week has filed a lawsuit calling for a recount of every ballot cast in the bruising race.

“This is a democracy. As Americans, we have the right to decide who represents us in public office. As we continue to count mail-in and in-person ballots from Election Day, we are committed to making sure every valid vote is counted. That is our responsibility as Americans, and as participants in our democracy,” Pheffer Amato wrote in a statement posted to social media Tuesday.

File Photo Tom Sullivan

File Photo
Tom Sullivan

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Sullivan said, “Brief Campaign Update: Holding a 246 vote lead as of this morning. My trust in the process and faith in our political system is strong. However, the longer the process takes my trust wanes. I truly appreciate everyone’s support and kind words. More to follow when available.”

Pheffer Amato added in her statement, “My opponent would like to stop counting votes before all votes are tallied. That’s shameful. Our brave men and women serving our nation overseas, older New Yorkers, homebound individuals, and anyone who could not get to the polls on Election Day still deserve to have their vote counted and their voice heard. Our country is deeply divided, and we’ve suffered greatly from repeated attempts to stop valid voted from being counted by those who seek to subvert our democracy for their own benefit. We will not allow that to happen here.”


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