Group Saves 50 Dogs from Death in China

Group Saves 50 Dogs from Death in China

Photo Courtesy of NDLB

No Dogs Left Behind founder Jeffrey Beri.

By Michael V. Cusenza

Jeffrey Beri, founder of international rescue organization No Dogs Left Behind, is taking the 20-plus hour flight from China to the United States and is set to arrive on Thursday, Feb. 9, at John F. Kennedy International Airport with the 50 dogs he was able to save from certain death in the Red Dragon.

Beri, a native New Yorker, has spent the last year working to gain permission to bring these rescues from China to New York.

Because of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ruling until now dogs have not been allowed to come into the U.S. from certain countries, including East Asia.  These 50 dogs are the first group to be allowed into the country since CDC lifted the ban.

Beri, dubbed the Rambo for Dogs, has lined up adopters and fosters from Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and other parts of the country who will be meeting the dogs at JFK’s The Ark. Twenty-one of the dogs do not yet have someone to take them and Beri is working to find fosters or adopters. If none are found, Beri has indicated that he will drive the dogs to the new No Dogs Left Behind sanctuary in upstate New York.

No Dogs Left Behind is a registered 501(c)(3). Through the support of donors, rescued dogs receive medical care, placement in the NDLB shelter, food, and eventually the transport needed to get them to their forever home. No Dogs Left Behind is a community of dedicated animal rights activists who believe in a cruelty-free and sustainable world, Beri noted.


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