Adams Praises Biden’s Gun Safety Order

Adams Praises Biden’s Gun Safety Order

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia/The White House

President Joe Biden

By Forum Staff

Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday released a statement in response to President Joe Biden signing an executive order aimed at reducing gun violence across the nation:

“By taking concrete action to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, President Biden is bolstering our work to keep New Yorkers safe. The president visited our city last February to underscore his commitment to tackling this crisis and, since then, we have seen real progress — including the first gun safety legislation in a generation pass Congress and new resources committed for law enforcement and our violence intervention partners.

PhotoPhoto Courtesy of Wikimedia/U.S. Department of Labor Mayor Adams

PhotoPhoto Courtesy of Wikimedia/U.S. Department of Labor
Mayor Adams

“At the same time, there is only so much we can do through executive orders and law enforcement. We need real reform and Republicans in Congress must stop blocking gun safety legislation and must instead prioritize the safety of Americans over the profits of gun manufacturers.

“Our administration is working hard every day in partnership with local communities to end gun violence, and we are seeing real results in the reduction of shootings, murders, and overall crime across New York City. Yet, there are still illegal guns on our streets and senseless incidents of bloodshed continue, disproportionately impacting historically disenfranchised communities. Today’s multiple shootings in Manhattan involving young men are the perfect example of that. The Iron Pipeline dumping deadly weapons onto our streets is a clear and present danger to New Yorkers, and federal action is needed now to save lives.”


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