‘Handle Surfing’ Still an Area Issue

‘Handle Surfing’ Still an Area Issue

“Handle surfing” remains an issue in the area, according to 106th Precinct leaders, who recently sought to remind residents to stay observant as they face down this crime of opportunity.

Handle surfing involves slippery perpetrators going car to car pulling door handles until they happen upon a vehicle whose owner forgot to properly lock up their automobile. Thieves quickly riffle through the interior, snatching as many valuables as possible. More brazen perps swipe the car.

Cops took to social media this month to post a helpful graphic on the subject (pictured), while also noting that many idling- or parked-vehicle crimes are preventable.

“’Handle surfing’ is a popular sport amongst thieves,” Deputy Inspector Jerome Bacchi, commanding officer of the 106, wrote. “Stop their game! Secure your vehicle by removing valuables and always close your car windows and lock the doors.”

Photo Courtesy of NYPD


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