New Yorkers Struggle to get a Good Night’s Sleep: Report

New Yorkers Struggle to get a Good Night’s Sleep: Report

By Forum Staff

In an era of social media and constant scrolling, quality sleep has become a national concern, with 39 percent of Americans struggling to sleep. Considering this, MattressNextDay has created a sleep report, looking at sleep hygiene habits of people in New York.

So, how well do New York residents sleep? The report offers insightful findings about sleep duration, bedtime routines, technology usage, and partner dynamics, amongst other critical aspects that impact sleep quality.

In 2012 people were told eight hours of sleep was the minimum, now in 2023, seven hours is enough – but how much sleep are residents getting?

The report reveals that Americans are averaging between five to six hours of sleep per night. This statistic, while close to the recommended duration, prompts questions about the factors influencing these sleep patterns.

The report highlights that a significant proportion of New York residents—40 percent—prefer an early bedtime, between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on weeknights. The survey reveals how often nighttime awakenings are among New York residents: 52 percent of respondents shared that waking up two or three times during the night is a common occurrence.

“Being thirsty” ranked as the top reason for waking up at night, with 38 percent of people affected by nighttime dehydration.

The second most common reason for waking up, affecting 31 percent of New York residents, was being too hot whilst the third reason was people being worried that you’re going to oversleep/miss their alarm (19 percent).

What do you believe the reasons are for waking up during the night?

  • Thirsty for a drink (38 percent)
  • Room being too hot (31 percent)
  • Worries that you’re going to oversleep/miss your alarm (19 percent)
  • Bad dream (18 percent)
  • Worries about your general to-do list on the following day (15 percent)

While sleep experts suggest no caffeine and screens prior to bedtime, the report finds 29 percent of participants admit to consuming caffeine right before bed, while 67% confess to using electronic devices up to an hour before sleep.

The report finds that 64 percent of New York residents watch TV or movies before bed, while 45 percent listen to music or podcasts. Surprisingly, 40 percent of New Yorkers are eating in their bed.

Commenting on the findings, MattressNextDay CEO Martin Seeley said: “It’s so important to identify the issues preventing us from getting quality sleep.

“A solid night’s sleep is like your secret weapon for a fantastic day ahead. It’s your body’s way of saying ‘I’ve got your back,’ helping you wake up refreshed, sharp, and ready to take on the day.”

More information can be found on site:

The “Sleep Hygiene: How Well Do Americans Sleep” report is the result of a comprehensive national survey conducted by MattressNextDay. The survey involved 1,500 participants from across the U.S. Seeley, is a recognized Sleep Expert, regularly giving specialist advice to a number of renowned publications, such as The Guardian, Daily Mail and The Independent.


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