Shooting on Crossbay Boulevard

An innocent bystander was taken to Jamaica Hospital after being struck by a stray bullet while driving on Crossbay Boulevard.

According to police, around 3p.m. on Friday afternoon, an unnamed male, approximately 24-years-old, was a passenger in his mother’s car when they stopped for a red light at the intersection of 109th Avenue and Crossbay Boulevard. The man allegedly waved hello to one of two unidentified males standing on the corner of the intersection.

At that time the second man on the corner allegedly flashed a gang sign to the car’s passenger before pulling out a firearm from under his jacket and firing. The car’s passenger was not identified due to his status as a victim.

An unidentified man in his late sixties, reportedly a resident of Nassau County, was proceeding northbound on Crossbay Boulevard when a bullet shattered his driver’s side window, striking the man in the hand. He was removed from the scene and treated and released from Jamaica Hospital.

Both suspects fled the scene on foot. An active investigation is being conducted by detectives at the 106th Precinct.

Photo by Robert Stridiron


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