News Briefs – Oliva, Holiday Bandit, Khan

Rumors For Plea Deal For Bob Oliva

Bob Oliva, the former Christ the King High School basketball coach accused of molesting a former youth league player, is heading back to court. A pre-trial hearing in Massachusetts, where Oliva is accused of molesting Jimmy Carlino in 1976, will be held Monday. Oliva is expect to plead guilty in a deal that could keep him out of jail.

Oliva, 66, is not being charged in New York because the statute of limitations had expired by 2008 when he was accused of molesting Carlino. The statute of limitations in Massachusetts stops when a suspect leaves the state. Oliva had brought Carlino to Boston to watch a Red Sox game, and allegedly molested him in a hotel there.

On March 28, The Daily News published a letter from Oliva’s acquaintance Samuel Albano to Suffolk County (Mass.) Superior Court Judge Carol Ball, who will preside over the case. “This plea deal is too lenient for the soon-to-be admitted sex offender Oliva,” said Albano. “Oliva is pleading guilty for the convenience of not being incarcerated and nothing more.”

‘Holiday Bandit’ Caught in Woodhaven

A bank robber that started a tri-state spree at the end of last year was arrested Tuesday on 91st Avenue in Woodhaven. According to NBC New York, Mirat Mikhaylich, at 6-feet 5-inches and 210 pounds, is best known an evasive escape—walking away from a bank and eluding police even as helicopters and cruisers patrolled the scene.

During his robberies, Mikhaylich would approach the teller window, and at gunpoint, hand the bank clerk a note demanding cash. Using license plate reader technology, an NYPD detective located the car Mikhaylich had stolen after a Monday robbery in Edison, New Jersey.

Mikhaylich is suspected of robbing at least nine banks across the tri-state area, and authorities said he has made off with at least $80,000. Investigators told NBC New York that Mikhaylich’s court appearance was delayed so he could undergo treatment for an apparent heroin addiction.

Care Provider Sentenced in Toddler’s Death

Krystal Khan, 30, was sentenced to three years for negligence in the death of an 11-month-old in her care. While Khan, who provided day care out of her home, was sleeping on a couch, James Farrior drowned in a bucket of water. Khan had taken Nyquil that morning.

According to the charges, Khan woke once and didn’t see the baby, but rolled over and went back to sleep. Khan’s own four-year-old woke her later that morning, and Khan discovered the baby in the kitchen, submerged in the bucket of water containing roughly six inches of water.

“The defendant must now live the rest of her life knowing that by failing to act responsibly as a care giver her actions resulted in the death of a child and robbed that child’s parents of seeing their baby grow up,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.



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