Angels in Their Own Community

Angels in Their Own Community

Angel’s on the Bay was founded in 1994 by Frank Russo Jr. With a small group of family and friends, the “Angels in Training” began a mission to be the keepers of hope and the guardians of dreams to all children in need of a little miracle.

For the seventeenth year in a row, Angel’s on the Bay held its annual charity fundraiser, but this year was about more than raising money. As special as the “Angels” events have been to the organization and to the community over the past years, Tuesday night was a bittersweet moment for the charity as it honored its Board Member, Mary Napolitano, by dedicating the evening to her memory.

Mary Napolitano was a beloved and valued member of the Angel’s family, who passed away in June after a valiant fight with cancer. The evening was a wonderful reminder to more than 600 guest of her unique and divine spirit that continues through her memory.

Among those guests was close personal family friend, Howard Beach recording star Pia Toscano. “Mary’s strength had such an impact on the lives of everyone she touched. Being a part of this evening dedicated to her means so much to me,” Toscano told The Forum. “It allows me to give back just a little bit to Mary and her beautiful family. I will always remember her beautiful spirit.”

Frank Russo Jr. stood proudly by to watch his board of directors make donations to groups totaling nearly  $200,000  for 2011. The money was shared among Franklin General, Good Samaritan Hospital, HeartShare Human Services, Jamaica Hospital, Peninsula Hospital and St. Mary’s Foundation. Individual donations ranged from $5,000 to $75,000 for a total of $192,924.

Angels on the Bay, Inc. is a not- for- profit children’s charity. All contributions are strictly designated for children’s and pediatric services, medical equipment, education and the research of life threatening diseases.

You can get more information about the organization at their website at or by calling718-843-5055 x 126


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