Balmy Weather Brings Noise Complaints

Recent warm weather has brought out partiers, and with them come noise and parking headaches, attendees at the 102nd Precinct Community Council told precinct officials.

At the council’s meeting on Tuesday night, Captain Martin Briffa, executive officer of the 102nd Precinct, heard a swath of complaints about noise and parties in Richmond Hill and Woodhaven.

At least three residents complained about yelling and screaming in the dead of night and party noise and music blasting.

Briffa encouraged attendees to call 311 and give as detailed of a location they could and the department would try to respond.

He explained that the precinct can see noise complaints immediately when they’re entered into the computer system by a 311 operator and an officer is required to look at the screen displaying them at least every half hour.

He said all officers on patrol at the moment may be responding to more important situations, but the 102nd has designated a specific car —a noise-complaint response car— because of how many complaints they have received.

Residents said it’s becoming a chronic problem though.

“Most of the time it’s a one-time occurrence where the parent might be out or they’re having a party. First, it’s just a warning.” Briffa said. “When it’s a chronic problem, that’s when we step in even more and be more aggressive…up to a point.”

He said the department can issue a summons after the warning but will often send a notice on department letterhead explaining the problem and asking the resident or business to comply and be courteous to neighbors.

“One warning is usually enough,” Briffa said. After that, the precinct progresses to harsher consequences like a summons or confiscating stereos or other equipment.

Maria Thomson, president of the Precinct Council asked the captain how severe a problem has to be for officers to get to that point.

Briffa said that officers can remove the equipment any time they must respond to a complaint a second time after speaking with the person causing the problem.

Blocked driveways were another repeated complaint at the meeting, with residents blaming busy party halls and block parties for bringing extra cars to their streets.

Briffa again emphasized calling 311 and posting no parking signs so officers can respond and summons and the car can then be towed.

“But it’s your job to get the tow truck, not the cops,” Briffa said.

By Jeremiah Dobruck


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